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Murder - which is legally defined as the premeditated, intentional killing of a human being - is the most serious criminal accusation in the State of Florida. As such, the punishments are both significant and severe and may include either life in prison or the death penalty. Often, death is considered murder when it happens in conjunction with the completion or attempt to commit another crime, such as arson, kidnapping, sexual battery, or stalking. The level of intent to kill determines the differences between first and second-degree murder. First degree is the result of a willful act with the intent to kill. A death is considered second-degree murder when it happens as the result of an intentional criminal act, even though the perpetrator may not have meant to kill someone.

Not every death that occurs at the hands of another individual is considered murder, however. Homicide - a term that is commonly interchanged with murder - can be a criminal felony offense or not. Instances considered homicide rather than murder include deaths that occur as a result of self-defense, when a pregnant woman is injured or killed and her unborn child dies, assisting in a suicide when an automobile is involved in death, and many other situations. In some cases, you can face homicide charges when death is completely unintended or accidental.

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If you've been accused of a crime that resulted in a death, you're facing very serious charges that can alter the rest of your life - or even end it - if you're convicted. It's imperative to contact an experienced attorney who is equipped to investigate the details of your case as quickly as you can. The memory of details fades quickly. Evidence can become lost or handled in a way that will not serve your best interests. That's why the prompt hiring of an attorney is vital to a successful defense.

Should you be arrested on suspicion of murder or homicide, maintain your composure and request to speak to your attorney as soon as you can. Don't attempt to resist the arrest and do provide your basic identifying information, such as your name, address, and driver's license when requested. Avoid answering further questions until your attorney is present.

Here at Rier Jordan P.A., a Miami-based criminal defense firm, we have built defense cases for those accused of murder or homicide that have resulted in dozens of acquittals. Our team conducts our investigations and thinks outside the box when creating a defense strategy in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and across South Florida.

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