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A fervor has gripped law enforcement in recent years as attempts to search out and shut down bases used to manufacture or cultivate illegal drugs. While there's no denying a growing presence of such operations, in many cases questionable tactics have been employed to search them out, including searches of private residences and seizures of private property, which may or may not have anything to do with the manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs.

If you've been the target of such an investigation, our attorneys at Rier Jordan P.A. can research the facts of your case to see if they include:

  • An illegal search of private property

  • An illegal seizure of private property

  • Unauthorized or inappropriate wiretaps

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Authorities are commonly using infrared scans of private homes to determine unusual levels of heat, wiretaps, illegal traffic stops, anonymous tips, and other questionable tactics to determine the locations of:

  • Marijuana grow houses

  • Labs to manufacture methamphetamines

  • Facilities to create Ecstasy pills

  • Cook labs that turn powder cocaine into crack

  • Heroin refining facilities

Individuals can also be arrested if they're found to possess any of the raw materials or building supplies to create those sorts of facilities.

Efforts to Shut Down Drug Manufacturing Operations in Florida May Leave You in A Difficult Legal Situation. Our Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys Have the Experience and Knowledge to Preserve Your Freedom

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling drug distribution and manufacturing cases and are well-versed in the sometimes questionable investigative strategies law enforcement agencies employ to uncover such operations. If you've been charged with drug distribution or manufacturing crimes, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation.