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Since the Miami Vice days of the 1980s, South Florida has been considered a hotbed of illicit activity involving illegal substances. In the following decades, Florida and national legislators have put strict laws on the books to stem the tide of drug traffic through Florida and across the country. Far-reaching laws mandate minimum sentences that can require years of incarceration. For this reason, having a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney working for you is imperative if you've been arrested for drug trafficking.

If you've been accused of drug trafficking, drug dealing, or transporting drugs in South Florida, contact our criminal defense attorneys and look at your options.

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Drug trafficking is, simply put, the movement or possession of illegal substances - cocaine, marijuana, heroin and a host of other illegal narcotics, as well as certain prescription medications - in particular quantities, with the intent to sell them. Our Miami-based attorneys at Rier Jordan P.A. and paralegals are well-versed in state and federal drug crime laws. We have represented hundreds of clients who've been arrested on these offenses and faced significant jail terms. We are prepared to work with the arresting authorities on your behalf - even before actual charges are issued.

Should your case proceed to trial, our extensive experience as litigators will provide you with a thorough defense strategy, which has cleared many clients of all charges. In the case of a conviction, we will advocate for you and negotiate sentences with the goal of minimal prison time. We have arranged for our clients to receive drug rehabilitation in addition to or in place of other punitive actions.

If you've been accused of drug trafficking, call Rier Jordan P.A. to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case. All initial meetings are free.